Who Is Chicks Who Golf?


Our ladies’ golf advocate had quite a journey before she started Chicks Who Golf.

Born in Malaysia, Nora Baldwin has already lived in nearly a dozen countries for two decades. Finally, Nora chose to migrate to Auckland with her English husband and young baby at the time. The Chicks Who Golf founder has been living in New Zealand for the past 11 years. Being an expat, moving from one place to another, Nora has gained wider and deeper knowledge about various cultures. She is also fluent in speaking a handful of languages which she learned while living in various countries, even across continents, like Asia, Europe, UK, and Australasia.

Nora is great with networking through her golf and has been working tirelessly toward getting her passion for golf to make it her mission to grow more ladies to either try or play more golf in New Zealand and globally through her consistence Social Media engagement or via the events that she created via Chicks Who Golf collaborations and networks. Coupled with her experience in playing ladies’ golf for over a decade and building relationships with golf courses and ladies’ golf clubs around New Zealand, she has stepped up her social games and business interests with golf in general.

All of these make Chicks Who Golf the perfect place for ladies golf workshop, improve their golf skills, socialize, network, and just have FUN. Sign up to our exciting ladies golf services and join us in our upcoming events.

Let’s share our golf adventures together with our golf events for ladies!