Christmas 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays to you! ?

Well, where do I start about our journey this year? Starting up Chicks Who Golf in March 2018, after getting a lot of support from our followers on social media previously (with it being just a hobby at the time to promote my own personal golf journey) we started the business journey by introducing few golf workshops for beginners and improvement workshop for already established ladies’ golfer. Now look at us, nearly 1 year down the line…. what have we got ourselves into!

We noticed some obvious pattern with beginner golf workshop being not having many participants, but a lot of ladies signed up for more established golfer workshops. We believe there are still much hesitations from beginner’s golfers to jump on board and try our beginner’s workshop. We think there is a lot to do with educating beginner golfer with understand what golf logistics are, what’s involves and the requirement that follows. We hope to focus on providing more services to our established golfers and provide a lot more workshops cater specifically on improving their golf game and to accelerate their golf handicaps progressions. After all, when you are a golfer, trying to be as best as you can by lowering the handicap is what really gets you as a golfer! Saying that, we will continue to cater small numbers of workshops for complete golf newbies, as it is part of our utmost mission to introduce and educate ladies that curious about golf to get to know golf in a fun and amazing experience setting, rather than – it’s another golf lesson!

We hope to put more awareness to our beginner golfers, to what involved in golf, etc, in hope they will gets the ins and outs of it, can emphasise what’s needed to start golf as a sport that you love and enjoy. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming super expensive. There’s lots of ways to learn, expose and to get to know the game in a much more less pressure way. Not everything has to start at a driving range, not everything has to start at golf workshop. But it must start somewhere. We have promote to cater a VIP Chicks Who Golf FB Group Page, separate from our FB business page where you can subscribe to us annually $199 and get all the services that we provided such as Live Q&A with PGA coaches (monthly session), Live Q&A with Chicks Who Golf every fortnightly for any questions you got regarding golf, lesson videoes and tip for any golf-related golf product or preview and golf discount from our sponsors and collaborators. Lastly, we welcome our member with a golf welcome kit, to start you off with golf on the course if when you ready to embark that journey.

We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters and followers who some have become golfing friends and family throughout the year, that we met at our multiple events, workshops, Meetups, day trips and the golf competition that we had recently to end our year 2018. Without the daily engagements online, constant liking on our posts and new followers on the daily basis, we wouldn’t be here today providing all these services to all the lady golfers out there, who are either curious about the game, that already playing golf or wanted to jump back on playing golf after leaving the game for a while for whatever reason. We hope you will continue to support our missions and business ethos. To anyone that has not yet try any of our event, please give us a try next year. Bring some of your friends and family to join one of our upcoming event as we have lots of pre-plan for next year that is waiting to be published online. The full 12 months events line up for you! You will see it coming up on our Facebook page, Meetup group, websites and other platforms online during this Xmas break.

Check out our Christmas mix Team games held at Gulf Harbour Country Club last weekend with 30 people turn up on the day, it was amazing to see local golf courses, sponsors, key people in golf such as golf courses managements around Auckland, Golf PGAs, upcoming rising star in golf and even followers from Hong Kong that had a quick trip in NZ managed to bring her dad to come and join us! What is that says about our love of golf? It has no borders and it can reach golfers globally! We hope to have this golf game as an annual event, to include men and women as mixed game format, to include your family, friends and colleagues to this common theme of golf. We thank all of our generous sponsors for donating the prizes on the day. Gulf Harbour Country Club (host), Premium Golf NZ ($500 tour vouchers), Famoso Golf & Resort (4 green fees and 2 carts), Howick Golf Club (4 green fees and 2 carts), Tattoo Golf (pair of golf shoes and pitch marker), Chicks Who Golf (2 x $50 golf vouchers for Gulf Harbour Pro shop) and 2 x Tony’s Steak vouchers.

We have recently signed a 3 years exclusivity collaboration agreement with my Malaysian roots tour group based in New Zeeland who has in a year brings 500 people into NZ just for the touristic tours! Our collaborations cater local Asian that wish to come into New Zealand in a big group (min. 12 maximum 36 golfers) for our private golf hosting services from the like of people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. We target to cater our Inbound Tour Golf Private host services for our summer starting from October to May. We also have added outbound private golf hosting services for our lovely Kiwi ladies, playing golf at these Asian countries privately host by myself personally. I am a born and bred Malaysian who has extensive local knowledge of these Asian countries as I’ve lived in Asian for at least the first 2 decades of my life before traveling as an expat for another 2 decades to another 7 other countries globally. My personal experience living in these countries previously coupled with my multicultural experience and multilingual background that I have, (do you know I speak 7 languages?), will make the experience in providing the private hosting services at these countries experience of your lifetime! We would be able to give you first-hand local experience as authentic as possible, combines with great local knowledge with great values. Details and packages of our outbound private host golf tour will be published soon and if you are interested in crossing that bucket list of yours, to play golf in these countries, send us your emails and subscribe to our newsletter as we will include you in the announcement when we finalised the packages (soon!). These packages are extremely affordable, they are catered for mid-levels budget travelers and golfers. We will try to cater our best for our target market followers. This is a great chance to be a solo traveller’s golfer, without being on your own to these places, knowing you have amongst yourself ladies’ golfer who also loves traveling and would like to visit these countries that have been at the back of their mind all this time! Imagine exploring the cultural and amazing cuisines. We have got amazing local suppliers that can cater personal massages, spa treatments and a private cooking lesson of Asian Cuisine included in our outbound packages. It’s going to be an eventful experience of a lifetime! With these new services, we were hoping to be the most preferred personal golf host for ladies to the Asian continent within 3 years’ time.

We also recently joined forced with Premium Golf NZ with our internal golfing trips. We have got Waiheke Island golf planned for early Easter period, Fiji trip and also keen take some ladies for the  World Amature golf competition (not as competitors but as invitational members, to play 11 rounds of golf for the whole 14 days tour held in Malaysia next October! Packages start from $5,500 incl GST to include flights, hotels, 11 rounds of
golf with cart (included 2 TPC courses – tour players championship courses), transfer and half boards. We are stoked to be partnering with Premium Golf NZ for all these upcoming events and collaborations!

You probably have seen a survey sent to your email address last week. We hope to have you contributing to the survey as we really like to finesse our services next year and hear directly from our subscribers to what type of golf services they are looking for. Please spare us literally a minute to complete the survey and we will be very thankful for your kind time. Our followers voice is valuable to us. Without you there is no Chicks Who Golf! Thank you for the sisterhood, thank you for the laugh, the journey and the friendship that we have formed. We hope you stay for what next year will bring all of us in golf! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

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