Beginner Golf Introductory Programme

Beginner Golf Introductory Programme

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2020-06-14 10:30 - 12:30

Chicks Who Golf x She Loves Golf x NZ Golf collaboration

Learn golf in a fun way, make friends, build your golf confidence and progress golf in a stress free pace. 

Join our beginner golf introductory experience for females new to the game or any early stage of golf.

6 weeks - $300 

Programme includes: 

  • 6 weeks group golf lessons (flexible dates available)*
  • Fundamental golf swing to short game (pitching, putting and bunker shot skill) 
  • Play short 9 golf (Wainui Orchard 9) intro game to build you game confident 
  • Basic handful of golf guidelines and etiquette introduction 
  • Golf equipment rental included
  • Socialise post golf lesson for some share snacks 
  • 1 x free 9 holes Wainui Orchard 9 golf game (can be play outside golf lesson session) **
  • Introduce you friend to the programme at any time, receive a complimentary golf game at Wainui Orchard 9 golf game

Please contact or 021 886577 for more information

Terms & Condition

  • * It’s a busy life we live in so we offer flexible date for you to choose the 6 sessions that you paid within the programme start and end date. Unfortunately, any session outside the date will not be considered. 
  • Programme package only applied to 9 holes Wainui Orchard golf course (not 18 holes Wainui Golf Course)
  • ** Booking with the pro shop is essential prior to using the free Wainui Orchard 9 holes golf course. 
  • Usage of practice facilities are only during the lesson session. Outside the session usage, please contact pro shop for golf range and facility hire.
Date availability:
March 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th 
April 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th
May 2nd, 3rd, 9th., 16th 
June 6th, 7th, 13h, 14th

We would like to cater the programme as stress free as possible. Please be in touch for your golf requirement TODAY and let’s get your golf journey start NOW! Contact or 021 886577 to discuss further.