Ladies Golf Coaching

Nora started her golfing passion when she was 25 at the time when she’s back from her expats living in 5 different countries since she was 19 with her husband. Nora’s husband has always have a passion for golf and has win few of junior tournaments in West Sussex, England before he headed to Malawi in South Africa for his first expat job. Nora didn’t know what golf is until one day she came to his local golf clubs after always feel like she’s a golf widow with no friends in England yet at the time that she can socialise with while he’s golfing every weekend. That vital visit to the local golf club her husband belongs to and her curiosity of golf by start making enquiry about golf lesson to spend more time with her husband were her first exposure to golf. Nora were told by the pro at the golf club after a few lessons that she has a natural golf swing and potential to be a better golfer. I think he is right!

After invested her first second hand golf club and many lessons, Nora shown amazing potential to start playing golf with starting handicap of 45 and shaved it down to 12 handicap in no time within 2 years playing golf at the local Chartham Park Golf Club in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England. There she made friends with her golfing ladies which till now she still in touch with and follows her golfing passion. She enters many club competitions and pairing mixed competition with her husband and has collected many golf trophies and had her name on local golf clubs board where she belongs to back in England including East Sussex National where Michael Campbell was once upon a time a member during his first PGA win in 2005.

In late 2005, Nora fallen pregnant with her first and only child and she put her love of golf on pause. After 6 months being a new mum, a decision to emigrate to New Zealand was in the card. In July 2007 she came to New Zealand with her baby and husband and has now been here for over a decade. She started her golf journey again in 2014 by joining Gulf Harbour Country club and stayed for 2 years. When Wainui golf course is opened in 2016 which at the time just been completed and newly built, Nora decided to join the golf club as it is less than 10 mins from her home. She has a great relationships with her local golf clubs and also known to her golfing peers within New Zealand.

Recently Nora completed her Golf PGA Coaching Certification with PGA New Zealand and is continue to build her coaching career with more certification she’s currently involved to complete either in NZ or globally certified. Prior to coaching, Nora had a lot of Meet n Greet events for the past 2 years where the ladies gets together at driving range and talk about their golf which then leads to enquiries about coaching opportunity. Nora pursue the passion and she is passionate to bringing more ladies to try golf, to get to know golf and to set aside the stereotype about golf where it is not necessarily require a lot of money and time. Chicks Who Golf is created to align with the same ethos and also based on the frustration that not many ladies in her age group (early 40s) that readily available out there to play golf due to these factors. Nora passion is to bring more ladies over 25 of age and below 55 of age to the game.

Nora introduction to golf to a complete beginner can gives ladies more exposure to golf, creating a golf swing that suit your age, body shape and fitness so you don’t feel golf is for the pro, fit and young. Nora trust her core coaching on how to connect your body and mind is vital because when the mind click, the body will follow through are just some of her coaching style. Nora relate her coaching to everyday movements, tasks and simple exercises to connect your golf. If this fits your style, goal and needs be in touch with her today and check out the packages below to see which one will fit your needs. Nora also offer 15 mins phone consultations to access which package or golf goal will suit your needs prior meeting you for lesson. Make that call today and let’s see how your golf can make a different to your lifestyle, health and happiness because this sport has major impact in her life journey and she cannot see myself live without it!


$ 77 +GST
  • 60 mins private group golf lesson
  • Golf club hire (if you do not have your own)
  • 50 - 100 practise golf balls
  • Access to practise range facilities at the driving range, putting practise range during the lesson
  • Introduction to golf in general
  • What equipment you need for what usage and shots
  • How to swing the golf clubs and what each club represents
  • How to connect with the golf swing movement and the clubs with your body and your mind
  • Everyday drills you can do to get develop your golf swing to become a natural movement


$ 77 +GST
  • 60 mins private group golf lesson
  • Golf club hire (if you do not have your own)
  • 50 – 100 Practise golf balls
  • Video feedback to see your before and after lesson swing
  • Assessment to your current golf swing
  • Guidelines and measures on improving your current swing to suit YOU!
  • Everyday drills that can help you improving your golf swing to become a natural
  • Mind over body access (when the mind clicks, the body will follow through)
  • Plan for your swing progression and follow up objectives


$ 77 +GST
  • 60 mins private group golf lesson
  • Access to the practice range facilities including bunker practice area, chipping, and putting
  • Basic Understanding of Putting – The Relationship between Speed and Distance
  • Learn how to control the ball on any greens. Make less 3 putts and more one putts!
  • Basic Understanding of Chipping – The Difference between chipping and pitching
  • Basic Understanding Bunker Shot – How to get it out the first time
  • Learn how the sand affects your club and lie
  • Pick the right club to suit your shot and how the choices you make will affect your score


$ 180 +GST
  • 2 hours private max 3 people group golf lesson
  • Usage of golf cart during lesson (if required)
  • Play 5 holes of golf (par 3, 4 & 5) real-time course management lesson
  • Usage of your home course or your own choice of golf course to play (depending on golf course availability)
  • How to eliminate too many shots when you are in the hazard
  • Understand where the best position to play your ball at each hole to minimise your golf score
  • What clubs suitable for what area and why
  • How to avoid hazard and play safe at all time
  • Using a free golf apps on your phone to assist measurement of course distance and strategically place your ball in safe area to play safe