Let’s get you in with the tribe!

Here at Chicks Who Golf, we cater golf workshops for women – from beginner to intermediate and for those extremely keen lady golfers. We work closely with various golf courses, making sure that they have amazing driving ranges and practice greens. The professional golf coaches provide tailor-made group workshops, especially for the Chicks Who Golf Tribe.

We support ongoing workshops not only for ladies who want to improve and are serious about their golf development but also for complete beginners who never held a golf club before. So, don’t worry! We provide follow-up lessons (if needed), post-group workshops, and assist our lady golfers 24/7 through our virtual VIP membership channel or through our social media engagements.

What makes us different from any other golf societies? We probably the only ladies golf networks or social group that cater social membership for 9 holes and 18 holes which works to bridge the gap of ladies that want to golf but constrain with times or budget.

Our ladies belong to our virtual or meet and greet groups, and we keep in touch at future events. We come together throughout the years. We keep engaging even behind the scene. We are one tribe. We are a family!

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