Ladies Golf Workshop

Going back to the early years of golf, this sport was once dominated by men (and still is..) The start of golf for women stirred up a commotion in golf clubs and courses, where women were even banned from playing. The truth is, for the past decade when I was living in England, they are still practising separate bar for men and women! Eventually, lady golfers grew in number but the reality is we are still low in numbers wherever we go globally and it’s still is the case. At Chicks Who Golf, we cater golf workshop for women to educate and give ladies some taste to what golf is all about, to try and to have a go, it might not be for you but at least give it a try. Ladies golf clinic, where professional golf coaches teach golf lessons for women, are now widely available, but we make it as an experience rather than just typical golf workshop for women, you learn and that’s the end of it. We celebrate ladies who turn up, who wants to give it a go, who open up to the possibilities to being a golfer or who wants to accelerate their love of golf in a sisterhood community setting. This experience type of workshop what takes the pressure off learning golf, you are not alone as you are surrounded by another like minded ladies and you have a glass of bubble to celebrate after amongst us ladies!

Ladies, it’s now time to completely get rid of that “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden” myth. Grab your golf clubs and tee up! The bubble is waiting for you at the end of it. What more can you ask for?

Chicks Who Golf offers a variety of services:

Ladies Beginner & Intermediate Clinics with PGA Coach

  • Coach for 90 minutes
  • Usage of golf practice facilities
  • Clubs provided for beginners
  • High tea
  • Bubbles
  • Tea & Coffee

Ladies Course Management Clinics with PGA Coach

  • Coach for 120 minutes
  • Bring your own clubs
  • Cart included (on some courses)
  • High tea
  • Bubbles
  • Tea & Coffee
golf clinic for women
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