Lockdown Golf Lessons

We are in locked down pretty much everywhere around the world and what better way to spend the spare time in hands to practise and learn golf virtually. It can be done so let’s get to it.

If you are interested to learn golf or finesse your golf skills, what a better moment to do it which is NOW! Don’t let a downtime as a waste of time. Use it wisely by being creative and put some practise or learn a new lesson at home in your own surrounding using what’s available, space-wise and equipment-wise that can help you with your golf skills.

Golf lesson doesn’t have to be all outdoor and with expensive golf equipment. If the principle is right, we can use our daily item as a way to utilize our learning or practise. So come and join our lesson online and let’s get that learning going. Sign up TODAY on any of these lesson packages for what suits you or get the whole package to get the learning going for the whole lockdown time! See you soon!


$ 15 + GST
  • 30 mins assessment chat about your golf
  • Reviewing your indoor and outdoor area of your house and your potential practise that you can do based on your goal


$ 45 + GST
  • 60 mins setting up goals and assess how you want to practise your goal at home.
  • List of training exercises and how we can visualise the improvement to your current golf skills
  • Set up of your video for virtual online assessment for coach feedback
  • Receive video practise feedback from your coach


$ 45 + GST
  • 60 mins follow up practise at home, issues and how to improve training
  • Feedback discussion from the virtual golf coaching video
  • Setting up next practise challenge or new improvement practise routine to get close to aimed goal


$ 45 + GST
  • 60 mins of bearing your soul re you golf barriers on the golf course during social or competition mode game
  • Your most pet peeves on the golf course that really gets to you or effected your golf badly
  • Changes we can apply to how we can think differently for these barriers
  • Mental course management tips and plan


$ 100 + GST
  • Combined Package 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Bundle Saving of $50


  • You can buy a 30 mins chat as a way to assess if there’s something you can work on at home during this locked down and we can reimburse your $15 when you pay for the BUNDLE LESSONS PACKAGE.
  • We can get yourself set up providing you have a garage, outdoor garden, lower decking or an area in the living room to do some practise at home safely and effectively. All will be covered during our 30 mins initial chat. If we can’t practically move on from our initial chat, your session may end here from coaching practicality reason.
  • We can suggest affordable equipment, either golf or non-golf material for you to use during the home golf practise or lesson to cater your practise. We will try to use realistic item as possible to make you work on delivering your golf practise at home. We are here to encourage you with practising, implement your practical practise whilst at home collectively and follow up your practise and lesson effort.
  • With just a smartphone with camera, we can receive your video for follow up and coaching feedback discussion using our recommended app. Any appropriate apps that are free will be provided for your usage and access. Make sure the videos are done on good lighting area for realistic assessment. We can guide you on this.
  • Lessons payment are non-refundable and can be use at anytime during the lockdown or outside lockdown period if appropriate. It cannot be reuse for another services that we offered.
  • We are not liable to anything that are broken, damaged or hurt at the time of practise within our session recommendation. We strongly suggest and recommend you prep your practise area to suit everyone safety, to avoid potential disruptions or damage to your surroundings and living.
  • By purchasing these lessons, you are abide by these Terms & Conditions.
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