October 2019 Newsletter

Summer is approaching, what a great way to be joining our Social Golf Membership TODAY!

Wow! How time flies and I can’t believe we are not far from summer and Xmas! How things have progressed with Chicks Who Golf is something that I am super stoked and proud of since I started this journey.

We launched our social golf membership last July and we are still trying to get our quota of 24 members per membership (9 holes and 18 holes). We currently have 2 giveaways for each membership, so if you are keen to join and want to know more about the social membership, check out these 2 giveaways on our website and social media and be in to win these great prizes. Last month winner is Georgina Tucker who signed up to our social golf membership in the month of July. 

Get on board with us on this membership if you have been toying with the ideas of playing golf and have no one to play with regularly. This membership will get you to get out there to play golf, meet other ladies in the same boat and start having you real golf handicap. How cool is that? We offer Golf Welcome Pack for all new members, snacks and drinks at each golf game every month and also add you on our Team App for golf game schedule, announcements, chats amongst other members, everyone’s availability dates and also live update scores when we completed our golf game. It’s a neat app to use for our small tribe. If you have any queries about the Social Golf Membership, check it out at https://chickswhogolf.co.nz/golf-social-membership

Nora is now a certified PGA Golf Coach!

What can I say? Yes, I am now a certified PGA golf coach! It’s NOT something that I dream of or even envision myself to be but it’s something that just happened. Of course it doesn’t come easy but with a lot of hard work and determination from my end. I feel like that’s the only way I can reach more ladies to introduce golf and connect myself to the coaching side of golf without feeling something is missing although the passion and connection about coaching golf is always there in me. I reached out to PGA NZ and spoke to them about my passion with Chicks Who Golf and what I want to build goes along side their ethos together with Golf NZ mission. An opportunity came for me to attend few workshops couple of months ago and I also take some tests to pass the first stage of my many more coaching workshops and coaching tests in the future. 

If any of you want to have one on one coaching, either an initial lesson then buy a block of 5 session plan for huge saving or if you have a proper golf goal you want to achieve and make it as a goal, come and talk to me for all of these options. We will update our coaching page soon on our website and announce it once it goes live. Thanks for all the past support from everyone that has led to this inspiration to further my passion for golf. 

We got another surprise! We are opening our first WooCommerce shop online soon!

And you thought the PGA Coach is a bomb shell! LOL! Yes, I have been given an opportunity to collaborate with a golfing friend of mine in Australia that designed her own golfing and tennis activewear over a year ago called Red Belly. Her demographic and target market fits well with Chicks Who Golf tribe and their clothing material suits New Zealand climates. Red Belly provides golfing, tennis and activewear for ladies and junior with some men ranges (very selected) Chicks Who Golf would be the ONLY New Zealand Distributors for Red Belly. 

My friend Helen Hayes, the founder of this brand has been a very good golfer ever since I knew her nearly 20 years ago when we were playing golf together in England. She is married to an Aussie golf pro at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club and came to live in Australia few years ago and living on their local golf course where her husband is a pro on site. We believe this collaboration works well with our similar missions and hope to grow this brand together for the Australasia region. 

We will announce the opening of our WooCommerce ‘shop’ hopefully by end of October. We hope you will like the ranges we got available and excited about this new venture. 

Short Game Workshop is next Sunday 19.10.2019. Register TODAY as 4 spots left! 

We are pleased to announce yet another workshop to start your summer golf on a high note. Short game is vital to progression of golf either to get that birdie or par and lowering your handicap target by the end of each summer. I must admit, I can carry the ball for miles but if I have an off day with my short game, I would take time to bring 20 balls in my golf practise bag and place it in the bunker for short chip out and long chip out. I will also get my 56 Degree and 60 Degree wedge out and practise my chipping shot from various distance. 

Do you know what’s the difference between Pitch and Chip? Another area that I would focus on also putting. Do you know why your putt always too long past the hole? Is it the control that you can’t get the grip of or your stroke is not consistence? Why is it too short and do you ever know how to have a feel of your putt? These are all vital information to understand and we will link all these so you will understand how to improve your skills. The target is to shave at least a shot at each hole if you struggle with your short game. Image even if you nailed half of that which mean 18 holes divided by 2 = 9 stroke. Imagine 9 stoke off your last score card? That would make my day. I’m heading to 15 handicap this month and I can do with that spare 9 shot. Imagine being a single handicap myself? I am drooling with the thought of it! 

Sign up TODAY at https://chickswhogolf.co.nz/event/ladies-short-game-workshop and let’s make this year golf the lowest score you have ever had! 

We also have Break 100’s, 90’s and 80’s from Your Golf Score workshop series that we will run if we get enough people to take part and will announce a Beginner Essential Golf Rules workshop at Gulf Harbour Country Club one day as a ‘get together’ and interactive casual lunch event. If you wish to attend and register your interest, please drop me a line at nora@chickswhogolf.co.nz so I can get a round number to hire their member’s lounge at the golf club. 

Enjoy the upcoming summer. Drop me a line sometimes to say how you are doing and what you have done or not done and wish to do this summer for your golf. I am always keen to play, meet and chat about golf with all of you and hope our path meet again on the golf course. For anyone that keen to watch the Anita Boom Pro-Am this Sunday at Remuera Golf Club, I am pleased to say that I will be playing with my team or myself, hubby and my golfing friend Chrissy with a lady pro as four balls. Finger’s cross I shall bring some medal home! 

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