Why Choose Us?


Ladies Only Based Golf Event / Community

Have you ever feel like there’s always a group of men out there golfing or community type sports group or social membership-based group but rarely for women only? Do you feel like “if only there are ladies only golf networking, community, hub or socializing group targeting golf for women” available out there to suit your needs? This is why we are here to introduce golf, connect ladies with golf, travel and play more golf with other like-minded ladies and enjoying golf in various ways and via event-based experience.

Intimate Setting and Supportive Sisterhood

We cater only small intimate golf event based (max 12 people per event) and we grow our community by continues online support and provides sisterhood/comrades engagement with golf as our mutual interest. We invite from very beginner golfer to keen and serious golfers to be part of our golf community and sisterhood. We keep it small number so we can provide high end experiences and personalised services.

Cover Various Golf Requirements and Services (Available for every level of Lady Golfers)

We welcome any lady golfers who wants to improve their games to our Workshop, Meet and Greet or One on One Coach, anyone who wish to try different golf courses within Auckland area (currently we only based in Auckland) to join our monthly golf day trip (various places) or social membership of 18 or 9 holes for monthly pre scheduled golf games. For the adventurous lady golfers who wish to stretch their golf a bit further, we welcome them to join our golf weekend away to places like Waiheke Island, Taupo, Queenstown or travel further outside of New Zealand to places like Fiji, Australia or Malaysia as our selected annual trips.